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released February 27, 2017

Robert Navajas: Guitar/vocals.
Alejandro Jorge Álvarez: Bass guitar, record producer.
Luis Aguirre: Drums.



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MAD-ERA Madrid, Spain

MAD-ERA was formed in 2014 by Robert Navajas (Guitar/Vocals) and Alejandro Jorge Álvarez (Bass guitar). The band closed its lineup with the addition of the drummer Luis Aguirre, who joined in May 2015.
This band is known by its heavy riffs combined with many other elements from a wide number of different genres of music, which help to shape this unique sound.
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Track Name: Intro
Ahh you
Track Name: Walking With Ghosts
He walks alone
No one is at home
So insecure of his own
Dying on his throne

He never thought his life would carry this direction
Hope is dying inside
Nothing to fight for, no nothing anymore
But he will be waiting his call

People arround him
Just dont know what's goin' on
Dying inside of him
The light that once he had known

I never thought my life would carry this direction
Hope is dying inside
Nothing to fight for, no nothing anymore
But I'll be waiting my call
Track Name: Last Day Of Life
Open the bottle
Sweet taste of whine
Just wanna party till the end of time

If this is the last day of life
We'll drink till the end of the night

Light up the glass pipes
Everyone is high
Feeling amazing tonight is the night

Tomorrow we're all gonna die now having fun
Embracing darkness all night long!
Krank up the amps high
We're burning this place
We'll drink and we'll play loud enoungh to make DIME come alive!
The sun is slowly rising noe the time has come
To face our destinies alone
Track Name: Anunnaki
Golden mines they found beneath the ground.
So they came to drill into our mother earth.

Once they gave us life endless creation
Slavery and war they bring upon us now.

Anunnaki ships misunderstood
Many years ago for gods and monsters
Birth they gave to foolish ways of thinking
That’s why we´re living trapped inside our minds
Track Name: Drowning In A River Of Blood
I feel I'm drowning in a river of blood
And no one's there to help me out
And as I'm drowning in a river of blood
I realise I'm gonna die

How did I fall from this boat?
Did someone push from behind?
Will the piranhas eat fast?
Or will they just take their time?

Somehow it feels right in this river of blood
Searching my mind for my last thoughts
Time seems to move slow in this river of blood
Remind myself I'm gonna die yeah

Oh yeah!!!
Track Name: Grey
We're falling slowly we don't know
How quick we're fading from the light once known
Erasing memories of white
Now everything is turning black outside.

My, life
Bleeds grey

Your dreams will never be achieved
That's what you've always been forced to believe
So that the power within you
Lays buried deep inside but burns when rising through

My, life
Bleeds grey
Track Name: Dying Love
As time passes slowly
I feel so lonely
I always thought that we could make it together
I can feel the sorrow,
I can feel the pain inside of me
I always thought that we could make it together o lord
As the distance tends to kill our love
And it turns our lives into daily living hell
And it kills everything in which we once believed in
I can't stand any more
This dying love

Where will our souls meet
So far away from happiness
In this place where nothing but sadness prevails
And still I feel the sorrow
Still I feel the pain inside of me
Now I know how it feels to be alone

But nothing can change me
And nothing will tear me apart
We'll never be together
We'll never be together yeah
Track Name: Human
Killing,stealing,fighting, hating
Eating sleeping crying dying

Smoking, drinking, sniffing, fucking
Teaching, preaching, lying, dying

Human nature, beyond insane
Burning everything away
Will we stop this recklessness
Before we realize its too late

I swear its pulse wont shake
Judging the human race
Because what goes around just comes around
And everybody has to get even with karma
Track Name: Kaizen
Sometimes I feel happy
Many times I get high
Fighting my ghosts the only way I've known, might be the only way I'll ever know.

I've taken many decisions
Not many that I regret
I choose my path and that's what I'll be goin' through till the day my life comes to an end.

Sometimes I'm feeling so damn low
Not even try to get out
Stuck in a place of twisted madness punishing myself so bad

It just seems so unreal
the fast that time can go by
So just try not to waste your time and make the most of this insane life!!
Track Name: Time

Sitting on a chair time passes on and you remain unchanged
Everyone moves on but you got stuck a long long time ago
You try to turn your life around but you're so damn afraid to live
That is when you realize that things will never ever change

Will I turn my life around
Or will I ever hit the ground
This isn't what I'm supposed to live
This isn't what I had in mind

Sitting on a chair you realize that you are getting old
That's when all the hatred starts to breed, no warnings ever said
It burns inside of you till voices whisper deep into your brain



When the pain's inside of you...